Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Love is Worth the Wait

Last year,  February 14,2017- Valentines day.  One of the most exciting,  fun time of the year,  especially for young,  in love couples.  People would often say that Valentine's is not just for lovers,  but for everyone you love.  Which is true!  But,  when you are unattached,  and you see posts on social media, of the gifts they receive,  and how they celebrated this day,  or sweet couples everywhere, you might feel a little sad for yourself.  Trust me,  I know the feeling,  and I understand how annoying it can sometimes get.

A lot of years have passed,  when I don't even notice this day,  and it's completely okay.  But, last year was different.  I felt sad,  and jealous even.  I asked God,what was wrong with me,  why doesn't anybody love me the way I wanted?  Why is there a lot of people who found love,  and why can't I?  Am I a bad person who is so hard to love? Am I not worth it.  Not enough?  (Kulang na lang itanong ko,  "pangit ba 'ko,  kapalit-palit ba ko? " which I did not dare ask,  takot ko lng na masagot ako ng "oo! ")   I had all  these questions,  but I couldn't find the answers.

From that day onwards,  I just found myself drifting away from my relationship with God.  I stopped praying and going to church. It lasted for almost a month.  I felt like a spoiled brat who wanted something from her faher,  and when I couldn't receive it,  I threw tantrums and sulk in darkness.

I just realized one day that happiness cannot be found if you are not happy with yourself,  and love cannot be shared without loving yourself first.

After that realization,  I asked God for forgiveness,  and started to be "me" again.  That's when I started to get serious in praying,  not just for a lover,  but for a partner,  a team mate,  a confidant,  a best friend all rolled into one person . I told God,  "He doesn't have to be perfect,  he just have to be real" Then it was on the last week of March,  when I started to communicate with this man online,  at that time,  I have actually gave up on online dating.  But his messages are actually something someone can't ignore. One day I just heard "someone" whisper in my head ( and heart)  "give it another try".  So I trusted my gut, and that small voice inside me.

Up to this time,  I never really thought we will come this far.

For all of you who are still waiting to find true love,  whatever your age is,  or your gender is,  always remember,  if you want something so bad,  don't ever give up.  Always pray and ask God whatever your heart desires. Be specific, but  realistic. Set your goals.  You should first ask yourself,  what is your real priority ba?  Is it to find love,  or a nice job,  or be a millionare.  From there,  have faith that God will grant you the thing(s)  you've been praying for in His timing,  not yours.

Keep on praying,  no matter how long it takes. And,  while waiting,  have fun and enjoy every minute of your life,  travel alone,  spend time with friends and family,  make everyday special,  make everyday a Valentine's day.  Time will come,  and you won't even notice,  your prayers will be answered one by one.  Sometimes,  it can be more than what you have asked for.  More than what you even deserve.

It's true that God answers all our prayers in two different ways.  It's either a yes,  or "I have something better planned for you. " You just have to listen carefully on what he wants you to do,  and always pray faithfully.  Afterall,  I also believe that God knows our hearts,  he already know what we want to pray for,  we just need to show Him how much we trust Him,  by continuing to pray,  even though at times,  it seems impossible.  All we need to do is believe. ❤

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Corrigidor Island- Revisiting History

Corrigidor Island is one of the many places I always wanted to go to.

Last November 17, I went there with Bob,  and we're on to an interesting,  and educational journey.

The video below shows the summary of our trip.

Corrigidor Island, locally called Isla ng Corregidor, is an island located at the entrance of Manila Bay in southwestern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Due to this location, Corregidor has historically been fortified with coastal artillery to defend the entrance of Manila Bay and Manila from attacks by enemy warships. Located 48 kilometres (30 mi) inland, Manila has been the largest city and the most important seaport in the Philippines for centuries, from the colonial rule of SpainJapan and the United States, to the establishment of the Philippines in 1946.- Wikepedia

Our Tour was booked through Expedia and the local agency who handled the booking here is Baron Travels

We also opted to be picked up by their service,  at the hotel where we stayed,  to the seaside terminal and back. Kudos to their friendly manong driver Mr.  Oswlad. 

But, what you can do is book directly to Sun Cruise's site.  Although,  online booking at their site is currently under maintenance,  you can directly book your tour by calling them. 

For more photos of our tour,  you can view them here: Corrigidor 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Love Knows No Boundaries

After staying single, for the past 2 years or so,  I started online dating again sometime in February 2017.

I almost gave up hope,  when all I came across online with,  are either attached guys who are just bored, immature guys who just wants to see your body on Skype( nothing much to see in my case 😀😂😀) and lots and lots of scammers!

Until, came April, I received a message from a member named Bob.  His first message was; " I am out of your preferred age range,  but I can't resist sending you a message because of your beautiful smile. Would you still care to chat? "

I look at his profile and read the description he has written. Took me days to answer back,  not because he is out of my preferred age range,  but because I felt like he is someone who takes you seriously,  and I wanted to be sure that I can do the same for him.  It's like I don't want to invest my time ( and feelings)  with someone again,  then realize I just wasted it in the end.

So when I started to reply to his messages,  we started exchanging emails,  and moved to Skype.  After few months,  he decided it was time for the first visit! How exciting!

Below is a video of our first 3 weeks together (Update: IDK why the first photo was upside down.  Tried everything to fix it but won't work.  😂😂😂)

Three weeks is not really enough. But I can sincerely say that,  those were the best days of my life. We got along well,  he never fails to show me he cares.  He always looks at me as if I am the needest thing since slice bread.  Hahaha.

Whenever we are together, we always come across people who still tend to judge when they see us together. I know most of the time,  they are thinking about our huge age difference.  Or maybe,  they are thinking,  is it just about the money?  Or the Green Card? And I can tell them straight to their faces that it is pure love. Love that was developed across the miles,  which we are planning to close the distance soonest. Sometimes,  it is really hard to believe that someone is happy and inlove because of the reasons only the two people involve understands and feels. I wish people can just be happy when they see someone happy. But,  one thing I learned from Bob though, is to not care too much what other people would think or say.  What we should care about is just each other, afterall,  it is our relationship,  and our lives.

I felt very lonely when he came back to the US, but I know that we will meet each other again,  very soon!

Being in a LDR is not easy.  It takes courage and strength. But if your other half keeps on showing you everyday they care, and love you,  nothing else matters.  As Bob would always tell me,  we are both worth it!

Let's Go to Taytay Tiangge!

I grew up living in Manila,  with mom,  sister and Aunt who likes scouting for pretty but not so expensive items. 

When I was young,  they would take me to Quiapo,  Divisoria and Greenhills. 

Few years back,  we moved to a city in Rizal province,  and that is when we discovered the tiangge (Bazaar)  in Taytay Rizal. Taytay is known as the "garments capital" of the Philippines,  that's why their prices are cheaper than divi and Greenhills,  becauase they are the direct suppliers. 

Since friends and relatives are asking about it,  I made a youtube video regarding our recent visit there. Do check it out! 

How to get there:

Cubao – take jeepney near Araneta center with Taytay, Angono signage, and alightat Mang Inasal and Greenwich at Club Manila East Taytay

Robinson’s Galleria – along Ortigas Ave. take G-Liner / RRCG bus with Taytay signage  and baba sa 7-11 beside Jollibee and just cross the street to where MCDonald’s is located and tiangge is just in front or pwede din baba sa MANG INASAL 

Quiapo – take G-Liner / RRCG bus with Taytay signage  and baba sa 7-11 beside Jollibee and just cross the street to where MCDonald’s is located and one of the tiangge is just in front. or pwede din baba sa MANG INASAL

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Post Christmas R&R at Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa

It is still my long vacation (till January 3) and yesterday, Dec. 28, I decided to visit Luljetta's Hanging Garden & Spa in Antipolo City, just a few mins. away from where I live.

Sa entrance pa lang, you will be greeted by friendly staff who will assist you on how to find the place. It is inside Loreland Resort, but you will easily find it upon arrival.

Then off to the locker room where you'll change your clothes, secure your things, and you will be given batik robes, towel and a cute basket to put your belongings to.

Then after that, you can start exploring the place, which resembles to some resorts in Bali. So far, Luljetta's is the first and only hanging garden here in the Philippines.

This is the package that I availed:

5 Hours
PHP 1,150.00/person - adults
PHP 1,040.00/person - kids 12 years old and below, seniors with valid ID's
Access to Hanging Gardens Facilities (Locker, Sauna, Dr. Fish Spa, Heated Jacuzzi, Hydro-massage Pool, Infinity Pools, Meditation Lounges).
Traditional bathrobe (batik) and towel for your use.
Snacks of Lemongrass Tea and Antipolo's Best Suman.

For the list of their Spa services and more info, visit their website at http\://www.bienvenidotours.com/luljettas-hanging-gardens-and-spa.html

Luljetta's Hanging Garden & Spa is recommended for people who wanted to relax, and unwind, with picturesque view, nice facilities, & friendly staff.

I'm sharing with you few of the many  pictures I took during my visit. For more of these pictures, you can follow me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/icedeguia06

This is sooo good! Suman, manga at kasuy

Relaxing view

Infinity pool, with a nice view

Smile! Taken at the Zen lounge

They also have a movie lounge

Dr. Fish foot spa

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Recipe of the Week: Breaded BBQ Chicken

I was unwell for almost a week, (since first week of September) and I've been craving for a lot of food to eat, but couldn't get myself to eat them. Now that I am back to my normal "matakaw" self, I was craving for chicken BBQ, but wanted something crunchy so I came up with this BBQed chicken that's breaded and deep fried.

Store bought BBQ marinade
chicken (I used drumsticks only)
bread crumbs
oil for frying

1. Marinate the chicken to a BBQ sauce overnight, then let the chicken boil and simmer with the BBQ sauce and some water for 5-10 mins.
2. Take the chicken out of the pan and save the remaining BBQ sauce/marinade if you want to make a sauce after, for dipping
3. Let the chicken cool down a little, then dip each into flour, beaten egg and then bread crumbs
4. Deep fry
5. Enjoy with plain or garlic rice.

After boiling chicken in BBQ sauce

Coat chicken with Flour > egg > bread crumbs

Finished product. Yum!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Joys & Rewards of Being a Furparent

Some people, especially those who are not into pets too much, find it funny when I say stuff like “My dogs are family” or when I say “I’ll do everything for my furbabies”

But it’s true. They are not just pets for me, but I treat them as my own babies. Few years back, I am not really a dog person, until one furbaby changed everything. Three years ago, the idea of owning a pet just snapped into my mind all of a sudden when I felt that I was all alone that time, and I thought to myself to get a puppy just so I’ll have a companion. I named her Felicia (taken from Shrek’s daughter’s name) I never expected that she would  take a big space in my heart, which I never regret of giving her.

My beautiful Felicia 

Being a first time furparent is not all fun, and there are some hardships as well, especially when she gets sick and I panicked! But I guess the bond and the love you have for your furbaby makes it easier to  overcome those hardships.

But nothing will ever compare to the joys she had brought me. We had a lot of good times together. She especially liked it when we have good, fun walks every afternoon after my work. She likes it when I cook special food for her and not just resort to dog food all the time. She loves belly rubs and sleeping beside me. We would watch late night teleseryes together, and she is my ever reliable alarm clock in the morning.I couldn’t ever imagine my life without her.

Shhh..someone is still sleeping :)

Now that Felicia is 3, our neighbor gave me a new puppy, whom I named Mallows. Her fur is as soft as marshmallows that’s why I gave her that name. At first, I felt like Felicia got jealous with the new member of our family, but I guess she is now slowly getting used to it.
My fluffy and cutie Mallows

It makes me happy to see them get along little by little. Whenever I look at them, all I can see is happiness and love, because that is what they never fail to give me each and everyday. Nothing but pure love. That kind of love where you’ll know that there is no pretentions. The happiness I feel when they welcome me home with wagging tails and sloppy kisses is really priceless.

Sometimes I almost forget about my own happiness thinking about their own, but it’s okay. I have my whole life ahead of me. I’ve already experienced a lot of things in my life. I have my work, my family and my friends, but I know they only have me. And what is sad is that they only live for a short period of time. That’s why I want to make sure that I will give them everything but the best in those short lives.

It is true, dogs may not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole. They have filled up that empty space in my life that I wasn’t even aware was empty. And until one had really loved a dog can they learn the true meaning of taking life easy, pausing and simply live life without limits.  More importantly, being a furparent will simply teach you to love without measure, and smile more each day.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Not Looking, But Praying

Often times, people think that if a woman is single, unattached, and never married, her life is lonely and boring. I used to think that way too, which led me to settling.

I am writing this now, to let all the single ladies know that it’s okay to be single. That not all people are meant to depend their happiness to others, when you know how to make yourself happy in your own way.

I meet different kinds of people often. Both in person and online. Friends would hook me up, some asks me to sign up to this new online dating sites, and one time, a friend even made a profile for me in one of those online dating sites!

I almost got married twice, with 2 different people whom I thought I love, and I can live forever with. In short, I settled. When I met the first one, I thought I was inlove and was willing to give up everything for him. I know he is not the ideal one, but I thought to myself, my heart can eventually learn to love and accept him for who he is. But because I am NOT really inlove, and maybe was just inlove with the idea of love and getting married, it was easier to change my mind to marry and let the relationship go.

Then few years after, I met the 2nd one, and made exactly the same mistakes I made with the first. Having known few women who are still single at their age, I was afraid to be like them. Not that I can see that they are unhappy or content, but I just had this idea that if you are single, you are lonely. So what happened is I grabbed every opportunity I had to meet someone, eventhough I know I am not really that inlove. When the 2nd guy proposed, (infront of my family!) I said yes, I told myself this is better than growing old alone. So, Again, I settled.

If there are few things I’ve learned from these two experiences, they are:

Do not settle for someone you think you don’t deserve, just because you don’t want to grow old alone, you’ll grab every opportunity just to have a lovelife. Settling can hurt both you and the other person’s feelings in the end, and it will just cause much complicated situations.

Do not get married for the wrong reasons. Some people get married because of financial reasons. Be practical they say. Some get married because of the fear of growing old alone. Some get married because their parents want them to. Some get married just for the sake of being married because of peer pressure, or your biological clock is ticking. Etc., etc. If you will decide to tie the knot with someone make sure the reason is LOVE.

Don’t be desperate on looking for love or rush into getting married just because society dictates it. If they don’t contribute to your happiness, why the hell will you value their opinion? It’s your life. Live it the way you wanted to.

I’ve learned about myself more on what I really like. So, next time, in God’s perfect timing, if He will allow my path crossed with someone, I’ll make sure that I really like and love the guy, and avoid settling. If I think I am not really inlove, I’d rather stay single and happy, than be with the wrong one, and suffer.

And then, I’ve learned to love and appreciate myself more. I’ve realized that I am enough. I’ve realized that I can be happy even without someone. I loved the freedom, to do the things that I wanted without thinking of hurting anybody or of anybody’s opinion on what to do or what I wanted to do with my life. I love the feeling of being independent, of doing things on my own because I feel that I am a strong person. I’ve gain more self respect because I know that I don’t need to force myself to be with someone just for the sake of getting married.

For now, I just try to focus on more important things in life than looking for a life partner, because I have proven to myself that there is nothing really wrong with staying single. As long as you know what you want, and you are happy with your life, it’s okay. Go on, work hard for your dreams, travel, go out with friends, stay up late, wake up really late on rest days, buy the things you like with your own money. Live fully, and enjoy every moment. Love the people who loves you, like your family and friends, and cherish every moment spent with them. For someday, if it is really GOD’s will, it will all happen.

So, one time, when me and a good friend were discussing this topic, she asked me, have you ever been really, truly, madly inlove then? I said, “I’ve always been inlove, with so many things. But when it comes to relationships,no, not that head over heels, I will fight for it kind of love yet. When The right man comes, if ever he will come, I’ll make sure this time it’ll be worth the wait. I’ll know it, for sure.”

And, another question “have you really stopped looking for that special someone?!” I told her, yes, I’ve stopped looking, but I am praying for it. And there is a huge difference between those two, for now I believe that God’s plan will always be better than my own, so I’ll just let HIM do the searching for me..or who knows, God might have found him already for me, but is just waiting for the right time.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pwede AkongMahalin

Pwede akong mahalin.

Mahirap lang siguro, pero pwede naman din.

Hindi man ako kasing puti, at kasing kinis 
Ng mga babaeng nakikita mo sa TV,
o sa Social Media na mahilig mag selfie,
Kalooban ko naman ay malinis

Pwede ako mahalin kahit di din nmn ako sexy, 
Pero aanhin mo ba talaga ang physical na beauty
Kung ang ugali naman ay “pa-sossy?“ 
Isa lang ang masisiguro ko, 
loyal ako kung magmahal
At gagawin ang lahat para tayo ay magtagal 

Beach buddy, movie buddy, travel buddy, or pig out buddy
Yan ay kering-keri
Mamimiss kita pag wala ka
Pero hahayaan din kitang mag enjoy ng di ako kasama
Basta’t siguraduhin mo lang
Na walang kalokohanng hahadlang

Magiging proud ako sa iyong mga tagumpay
At susuportahan ka nang walang humpay
At kapag naman medyo minalas
Patatawanin kita ng madalas
Gagawa ng mga bagay na iyong ikasasaya
Kahit minsan ay magmukha nang tanga
Basta’t naka ngiti ka ay walang problema

Hindi ko maipapangako na magiging perfect akong tao
Pero pag sinubukan mo ay siguradong achieve na achieve tayo
May forever man o wala, hindi pa din ako madadala
Na hanapin ang taong mag mamahal sa akin ng malala
Dahil naniniwala akong lahat tayo ay may karapatang lumigaya
At mahalin ng walang pandaraya

Nasaan ka man ngayon
Alam kong magkikita din tayo, sa tamang panahon
Push lang ng push ang pagdarasal 
Dahil alam kong ang plano ni Lord para sa atin ay iiral
Kapit lang, hintay lang, darating din tayo dyan.

Pwede Akong Mahalin
By:Ice de Guia

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Home-made Chicken Nuggets

Hey, hey hey, it's Fri-YAY!!

I am not too busy at work earlier today, and I was thinking what to eat for lunch. I found some ground chicken on my freezer and wondered what I could do with it. Then, the idea of making chicken nuggets from scratch came up.

I called it garlic and cheese chicken nuggets (with sweet and sour sauce)

Good thing it was a success! So yummy! There are just few minor flaws that can be adjusted next time; like I put in too much egg, and the sizes of the nuggets are not the same as the other (hehe)

What I needed:
1/2k Ground chicken
2-3 cloves of garlic grated or you can also use garlic powder
Dash of Salt & pepper to taste
Cheese cut into strips
2 Egg( one to mix in, the other one for coating later on)
3 table spoons of flour
Bread crumbs

What I did:
I just mixed the ground chicken, grated garlic, salt, pepper, 1 egg, & flour into a bowl. When they have been mixed properly, I shaped it rectangularly, putting some strips of cheese in the middle. Then I soaked it with flour, then egg, then bread crumbs.

I put it in the freezer for 3-5mins. so that it will be easier to fry. Then I deep fried it, and...tadah! A home made chicken nuggets.

I am not a professional cook(obviously) but I grew up in a household where my mom used to cook so many delish stuff for us. Now it's my sister, (who just graduated culinary arts) who is continuing mama's legacy. I am super lazy when it comes to cooking, though I know how to do some dishes because of my curiousity when mama was still alive. I would sit in the kitchen, watch her cook, and ask her too many questions on how these stuff works.

Maybe someday, if I'll have to cook for "someone" that is the time I'll get more active, and practice what mama told me. :) For now, I am a proud professional taste-tester of my sister's cooking. ;)